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A Tribute to Those Serving in Medical Professions
Poem (c) by Sarah M. Menkin

This poem has frequently expanded as I have become acquainted with additional medical helpers, physicians  and other “-ologists!” 


As a veteran patient who sees just a few of these,
I hereby salute the great treaters of all disease.

My friends, have you ever made study of –ology?
If you have not, I extend my apology.

Some of this poem may seem close to unsayable
Like an –ologist’s bill, which is next to unpayable.

I admit, each doc’s expertise may be unmatchable.
From innards to eyeballs, they find bodies patchable.

I don’t understand why some docs focus on the skin,
While others don’t care if the problem lies deep within.

However that is, I would like to recite to you,
A list of these docs and the great works that they all do.

I have made a long list, and I’m pleased to announce them,
But I do understand if you fail to pronounce them.

I’ll start you out easy – for those who will listen,
I expect that you’ve heard of a pediatrician.

That’s a doctor who cares for the sniffles and sneezes
Of children too young to know much of diseases.

But, as children have problems – (It’s time to begin a list)
Young asthmatics are sent to a specialist allergist.

And children who can’t read the whiteboard in classes
May find an optometrist fits them with glasses.

A fun afternoon, and some hands-on ecology
Brings poison ivy – then comes dermatology.

After the rash goes, the kid breaks a bone or two.
A skilled orthopedist knows just what a cast can do.

It gets worse when an earache turns into a long-term thing.
Otolaryngologist is a name with a fancy ring.

It may make the heart skip- you know that is upsetting,
A cardiologist will be the next doc that you’re getting.

A general practitioner (that’s not so hard to say)
Can help you find out where to go – who to see each day.

Though the job may involve cutting, sewing, and mending folks,
A surgeon who cares goes beyond basic pricks and pokes.

Podiatrists are specialists who treat just the feet and toes
And deal with such things like that (more than you might suppose).

Your teeth are important – so, once in a while
You may need a dentist to help with your smile.

And while you are there, if your teeth don’t look very white,
A dental hygienist will help make them clean and bright.

If your mind needs a break and you scarcely know what to do,
A psychologist may come up with some kind of plan for you.

When your brain needs a drain and a tap just won’t do the trick,
A neurosurgeon may put in a shunt well and double-quick.

Rheumatologists integrate their knowledge of aching joints
With how these connect to the body at other points.

There are many more specialists.
Just let me make a list:

Endocrinologists, Osteopathologists,
Neuroradiologists, Anesthesiologists,
Nephrologists, Hematologists,
Angiologists, and Neonatologists,
(I wonder who I’ve missed.)

If you find your eyes crossing, you need no apology
But you may need to see someone in ophthalmology or neurology.

And for those special folks whose bodies give more trouble,
How about special specialists who focus on things double?

Radiation – oncology and
Pulmonary specialists who practice Allergology,

Pharmacologists help out (a plus for prescribing)
Each kind of specialist this poem is describing,

Along with nurse practitioners, assistants and technicians
Phlebotomists, therapists, all nurses and physicians,

Nutritionists  and assistants who work hard with dieticians
To feed the folks allergic to most things one finds in kitchens,

Transporters who trot down the halls with wheelchairs and with stretchers,
Called to serve from floor to floor as runners, haulers, fetchers…

And when you feel you’ve met each kind – MDs of all descriptions,
Along with DOs and with all the folks who write prescriptions,

It’s time to see a pharmacist who knows just how to fill
A zillion scripts in record time, without too high a bill.

And don’t forget the friendly techs who “run” your scripts out back
And do a million other things to keep your meds on track…

To anyone not listed here – I offer my apology
Along with thanks for all you do in your own special –ology.