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Dear Friends,

Store shelves and online shopping carts are emptying as backpacks and school desks are filled with pencils and pens, notebooks, crayons, and a variety of other fun supplies. The time has come for "Back to School - 2019"! Our September activity page includes unscrambling words, filling in the blanks in a back-to-school poem, and finding hidden words in a puzzle.

It's a beautiful time of year here in Maine – most trees still look summery, but here and there some leaves show signs of autumn colors. Days are still a bit warm, though the weather forecasts are moving toward fall temperatures. "Midst the seaside foam" is a gentle haiku encouraging a relaxed late-summer visit to the shore...

As our religious poem for September reminds us, may we always offer to God "A Sacrifice of Praise."

All the best!
Sarah and Fran Menkin


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