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We wrote all the poems on this website (unless noted otherwise), and we love to share our work. So, as long as you follow the guidelines below, we don’t mind if you share poetry with others.

  • Please make sure the author's name is on every copy of every poem.
  • Please do not alter our poems in ANY way. That’s right, even if we misspelled it, please leave it alone! That said, we are very open to friendly editorial criticism.
  • If you are making a LOT of copies for distribution (say, 25+ copies for a Church group), please let us know. We will almost certainly give permission, but we like to know what is happening with the poetry. Please note: we are willing to give “standing permission” for folks who want to use the poems in the same way each month….
  • Please don’t surprise us by publishing our work for us!
  • Please feel free to e-mail us: As is typical of people who write, we enjoy written feedback.



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