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July 5, 2019

Here are a couple of poems I wrote a few years ago...enjoy! Sarah M.

Summer Days

Lemonade to sell (or drink),
Lots of time to sit and think,
Talks with neighbors, walks with friends,
Playing till the daylight ends…

Bikes and balls and outdoor things,
Gardens, gliders, skateboards, swings,
Working, playing in the sun,
Summer days are lots of fun!

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation, a time to relax
– to forget about work for a while –
thinking and dreaming, and not planning much,
and greeting each day with a smile...

Napping in hammocks, and walking in parks
– spending time in the warm summer sun –
starting a project without any thought
about when it has to be done...

Working on hobbies and reading good books
– just relaxing in various ways –
allowing our grip on our plans to escape
in the sheer "waste" of summer days...

May 19, 2019

Some of you who have been reading Think in Rhyme Newsletters for a while may recognize the following familiar "rerun"...enjoy!

A Morning Offering

© by Sarah M. Menkin

Jesus, Lord, I start this day
By offering myself to you,
Each thought that passes through my mind,
Each word I speak, each deed I do.

This day is yours and all it holds;
There is no part that I keep back.
I trust all to your care and pray
That you supply each need and lack.

All that you will, I choose this day;
Help me to live your love each hour.
Though I may fail, help me to rise
With confidence in your great power.

Please bless my day, my work, my life,
My projects, plans, designs and schemes.
Fulfill your will in all I do,
Beyond my earthly hopes and dreams.

And when I come in prayer tonight,
Bringing this day for your review.
I ask then for your mercy, Lord,
As I return the day to you.


Here's a prayer reminder poem...enjoy!

Five Finger Prayer

1. THUMB: First, pray for your family and friends near to you.

2. INDEX/POINTER: Then, pray for all those who tell you what to do.

3. MIDDLE FINGER: Next, pray for all people who rule and who lead.

4. RING FINGER: Then, pray for the weak and for those in most need.

5. PINKIE: And then, with your pinkie, so little and small, pray for yourself as the last one of all!


Five Finger Prayer attributed to Pope Francis.
Five Finger Prayer Poem © by Sarah M. Menkin.
Image from Pixabay

April 29, 2019


April 23, 2019 - ALLELUIA! HE IS RISEN!

Here is a "rerun poem" from another year...enjoy!

Conversation on the Road to Emmaus

Did you hear the women say
that the stone was rolled away?

And men in an upper room
claim they’ve seen his empty tomb!

We’ve even heard it’s being said
that he is risen from the dead!

How can that be? We know he died!
Last Friday, he was crucified!

Now, as we walk along the way,
do you have anything to say?

You’re telling us what Moses meant,
the law, the prophets that were sent,

Your words ring true, there’s something right,
but it seems hidden from our sight.

Such wisdom we have never heard,
except from him whom we called Lord.

Look, there’s an inn along the way,
a place where all of us could stay.

Remain with us, don’t hesitate,
The road is long, the hour is late.

The bread, like him, you bless and break,
and suddenly we feel awake!

Our hearts enkindled with desire,
our souls aflame with Easter fire.

Poem by Sarah M. Menkin, 2012







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